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Monday, March 21, 2011 from TalentRooster

Video Resume Vs. Video Interview

Although I've blogged about this before, I'm still mystified why anyone would commit to a live streaming interview before watching a "preview" first. You wouldn't walk into a theatre without knowing about the movie, would you? Chances are you watched the previews, checked the rating and know who the actors are. This same concept can transcend into your hiring practices.

Perhaps my view is too myopic, but I'm all about the best use of technology and saving time. When sourcing candidates, a live video interview does not save time - you're trapped, same as an in person interview. Whereas a video resume interview (where the candidate answers questions specific to the position), saves volumes of time - you can stop viewing at anytime and no one's feelings get hurt.

Many corporations are coming on board with the realization that video is the future of the hiring process. Virtually everyday a new Fortune 500 company announces that they have integrated video into their applications process. Usually companies will start with one specific position, realize the benefit and then it's "off to the races".

I'm a firm believer that if a video resume is professional and captures the hiring managers attention, by all means schedule a live streaming interview. What a great next step! But agreeing to the video interview first will not save time for anyone involved in the process.

What about those still trapped behing paradigms? The hiring manager or HR professional that still believes video technology to be discriminatory? I suppose they still wait a full 30 minutes after eating, before going back in the pool.... The bottom line is that social media and the proliferation of the internet continues to change conventional thinking. Do your homework and you will see that this powerful technology will do nothing but improve the hiring process for everyone involved. There is nothing "discriminatory" or "illegal" about it, other than assumptions with no factual basis.

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