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Thursday, February 24, 2011 from TalentRooster

The Value Proposition of Video Resume Technology

There's no doubt that video is the next big thing in technology. Virtually every website in development is incorporating video and internet providers are increasing bandwidth to meet the demand. The new iPhones and iPads have the ability to record and create sophisticated videos. I guess the old theory that people won't read, but they will watch is true now more than ever. With this "video evolution" fast approaching, there will be a number of unscrupulous persons attempting to enter this space - buyer beware!

Here's the straight truth about video technology - it isn't expensive! Whether you are a candidate eager to create a video profile or a recruiting professional seeking to integrate video into your best practices, it's entirely affordable. Better yet, thanks to advancements in the technology its entirely user friendly - even Grandma knows how to text!

You've got to consider the economies of scale video technology will provide. Historically, companies and candidates have wasted countless hours conducting interviews that ended up being a monumental waste of time. Video technology enables recruiters and HR professionals to see and hear all candidates, answering questions specific to their need. Conversely, companies can easily create a video to show potential candidates their work environment and culture. Having this information readily available will save invaluable amounts of time for all parties.

Companies spend thousands of dollars on advertising, job boards, recruiting fairs and time spent with candidates that are not a fit. In this economy, everyone is working to curtail costs. With video technology, not only will you save significant dollars but you won't miss anything! In fact, you'll gain back your most valued asset, time! Contact TalentRooster.com to learn more.

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