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Friday, February 18, 2011 from TalentRooster

Huge Breakthrough In Candidate Screening Process - Video!

Millions of recruiters and HR professionals rely heavily on job boards to post positions and find talent. All agree that one of the most frustrating challenges is that anyone can apply to a posting and it takes no effort. Monster and CareerBuilder have tried to build in screening mechanisms but it hasn't really curtailed the problem. So how can you weed out the candidates and make sure that only the appropriate ones apply?

One of our clients (Dawson Resources, Columbus, Ohio) had a brilliant idea to solve this ages old problem. They wanted to combine TalentRooster technology with their CareerBuilder postings, which would require candidates to actually make an effort. The idea was to create a posting and add several questions for every candidate to answer in a video format. They posted their first one this week and it worked like a charm (click here to check it out). Now, when candidates review Dawson's job postings they are required to respond with a video resume, answering several questions specific to the position - how awesome is that? This trancends nicely for hiring managers or HR professionals within any company. Simply add a TalentRooster link to your job posting, with specific questions for each candidate to answer. Imagine that? Candidates would actually have to make an effort beyond pointing and clicking - isn't that refreshing?

Is this the future of the hiring process? I'd certainly suggest that it is. Video Resume technology is so advanced and easy that anyone can use it. If a candidate isn't pleased with their response, they can simply retake it - if you could only do that in a live interview! Better yet, hiring managers can tell which candidates took the time to do it right versus sending in the first cut - it speaks volumes about a candidates initiative and motivation.

Checkout TalentRooster.com to learn more - the possibilities are unlimited.

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