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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 from TalentRooster

Go To Gym Get Results - Use Video Resume Get Job

Last week there were video resume stories on Good Morning America and the CBS affiliate in Jackson, Mississippi. This week it's the ABC affiliate in Phoenix that is running this story on the power of video resume technology. We've continued to advocate incorporating video into your job search as a powerful tool to put you in the front of the hiring line. Many are getting the message and adopting the technology - are you on board yet?

Perhaps a metaphor will help..... Have you ever joined a gym? You sign the paperwork, commit to a plan and even attach a tag to your key chain for all to see! All you have to do is watch what you eat and exercise three or four days per week and you will look awesome. Guess what? The vast majority of people don't stick to the plan! If they only did, American's would look a whole lot healthier!

This same concept applies to your job search. You can't create a resume in January and continue to send it out - you've got to spurce it up from time to time and add more details. One potent detail you can add is video - let hiring managers see and hear you. Answer questions specific to the job you are seeking or about their company - talk about a leg up on other candidates!

Find a company you'd like to work for and do some homework - learn about the company, their culture, customers and competitors. Then create a video addressing these specific issues, demonstrating your knowledge on the company and how your skills align with their objectives. Send it to a couple hiring managers or executives within the company - you can find them via the website or social media sites such as LinkedIn.

Few candidates take much initiative beyond sending a resume. Take the next step and show that you are serious about your job search by creating your own video interview. No question it will increase your chance for hire.

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