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Thursday, November 18, 2010 from TalentRooster

Talent Acquisition Adopting Video Resume Technology

Thanks in part to advancements in technology, more and more recruiters and talent acquisition teams are moving to a platform that incorporates video resume technology. The technology has become so user friendly that virtually anyone with a computer and camera can complete the process (Even Grandma Skypes...).

Progressive companies are taking full advantage of this time saving option, requiring video as part of their applications process. Here's how it works - a candidate goes online to apply for an opening. As part of the process, the candidate is asked to complete a video resume profile by clicking on a link. The candidate completes the process, including answering three specific questions that the company selects. Upon completion, the application is sent directly back to the recruiter / talent acquisition specialist for their review and consideration. Companies are now able to "see and hear" all job candidates before committing to an interview.

Within the next 12-24 months virtually all companies will utilize this technology. Whether a candidate is applying for a retail job at a mall or a Fortune 500 company, video resumes will be part of the process - it just makes sense. Think of it this way - in the next five or ten years, students graduating college will not understand how we ever utilized a piece of paper as a means to represent ourselves! By then video resume technology and links to social media will be so pervasive, a Word document will seem as if it's from Jurassic Park.

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