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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 from TalentRooster

Cable TV Continues to Evolve - Has Your Resume?

It's hard to believe, but in the early 80's most U.S. households didn't have cable TV. Most people relied on ABC, CBS, NBC and that funny dial next to the channels where you could occasionally pick up another channel or two - if you had "rabbit ears"!

During this era, my dad was a true innovator by purchasing a satellite television. The company came to our house and installed a 10 foot dish - it looked as though we were doing spy work for the CIA. The channels were unlimited, from all over the world and it was great - when it worked.... Back then the technology wasn't quite right and is laughable by today's standards, but my hat's off to the pioneers that were willing to try!

Ironically, video resume technology has been around for quite a while as well - the idea isn't new. However recent advancements in technology and the wide acceptance by companies is quickly changing the place of video resumes in history.

The next time you walk into a retail store, take a quick look around to see if they are taking applications onsite, by computer. You may find it surprising, but more and more companies are migrating to a paperless format - it just makes better business sense. Just last week I saw some of these computers in Target and Kroger - I'm sure many companies offer this as well. How long do you think it will be until they add video as a component of the applications process, asking the candidates to answer a couple specific questions related to the job? Imagine the timesavings for both job seekers and hiring managers?

My point is that this evolution is fast approaching and job seekers have a unique opportunity to be ahead of this curve by creating a professional video resume. I'm not talking about the garbage you find on YouTube - I said professional. A video that captures your absolute best on film, plus other relevant information that will get you to the front of the hiring line. The economy is starting to improve and companies are beginning to hire - give hiring managers the ability to find you first by creating a video resume. TalentRooster has video resumes down to a science - check us out and learn how to increase your chance for hire. TalentRooster.com

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