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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 from TalentRooster

What Should Be Included In My Video Resume?

The content of your video resume is no different from your paper resume. However, it is a powerful tool designed to help you get an interview. Your interview is where you’ll get your job. So your video resume needs to be short, to the point, and highlight your most important qualities. You want to make sure that whatever you include, it matches your style, personality and the particular image you want to present. When including key skills in your video resume, make sure whatever is included is relevant.
It needs to be appropriate for the target industry and particular career and it shouldn’t be cute or funny.
Like your paper resume, length of your video resume is also important. Your paper resume should be no more than one page long (remember, it’s getting you that interview, not landing you the job). Your video resume should only be a couple minutes long at the most – in fact most people will only watch the first 30-45 seconds.
The goal of a video resume is to sell yourself and land a first interview. If anyone is an expert at you, it’s you. This should be used like a tool in a sales and marketing campaign – concise, professional and clearly stated objective.
A video resume needs to include your strengths and highlight them using the most up-to-date technology. In order to hold an employer’s attention span, your video resume must be visually appealing, inclusive of your careers highlights and strengths.
This job-searching tool can also help you manage your online reputation, helping to push any negative content off the front pages of the search engines. This way, when an employer searches for your name online (remember, 85 percent of hiring managers make decisions based on your online reputation), the first thing they see is the stuff that will help you get a job – your video.
Video resumes are key in getting you to the front of the hiring line. But you need to make sure the audio, graphics, and video quality are all the best they can possibly be. Check out TalentRooster.com as they have mastered this process and made it easy for job seekers to use.

A video resume is an effective way to show yourself in a manner that is different and light-years ahead of what everyone else is doing. It should be one of the most effective tools in your personal branding toolbox, and one that you can use to great effectiveness. Be sure to post the finished product on all of your social media sites – you never know who will find it.

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