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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 from TalentRooster

An Alternative to Your Paper Resume - Video

Even small business owners need a resume. It serves to provide a summary of professional experience and isn’t just used for job searching. Many times, a resume can serve as a way to land a piece of business, speaking gig or board position. So it’s important to always have a resume that’s ready to go on a moment’s notice. A traditional resume is necessarily linear. But careers today are nonlinear. It’s time to think outside the box and a digital video profile is an absolute necessity for both job seekers and business owners.
Today’s business owners are involved in much more than running the business. So in addition to the traditional paper resume, there are some other ways to convey a summary of experience and knowledge. Depending on your situation, you need to explore one or all of the following options, including video resumes, VisualCVs, and LinkedIn profiles
Video resumes have recently emerged as a new option. Making a value-added video can be tricky business — it’s important to ensure the finished product conveys the right message about you as a professional. A video resume could be a part of an overall portfolio management strategy; however, having a video resume does not cancel out other options. In fact, a video resume can act to enhance your online presence in the likely case that a potential customer is searching for your information across the web.
Laurie Ruettimann, founder of Voice of HR, whose mission is to facilitate active and meaningful dialogue in the HR industry via new media services, compares resume strategy to investments. “Just as investors diversify their investments, individuals must diversify their approach to finding and communicating with potential opportunities.”
Consider adding a video resume to your current professional profiles, but make sure the production quality is up to par and that it accurately portrays your professional experiences and goals. TalentRooster has it down to a science. Check us out at TalentRooster.com and increase your chances for hire by 30-50%.

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