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Friday, September 24, 2010 from TalentRooster

College Grads Preparing to Join UnEmployed...

Over the next several months, college grads will join the ranks of the unemployed. Fresh faced grads will make appearances at job fairs, HR offices, recruiting firms and anywhere else where someone can discuss the possibility of employment. Grads will read their resume over and over, trying to figure out how they can "fatten up" the empty spaces with relevant information that will impress a hiring manager. Their parents will refer them to "VP of this" and "VP of that" which will ultimately lead to nothing but more frustration.

Thanks to new video resume technology, these scenarios can be avoided all together. Now a job seeker can express their enthusiasm, confidence and leadership skills, utilizing this great tool that will set them apart from the others. Better yet, they don't have to invest heavily in a wardrobe (they likely can't afford) - one professional outfit and they can be "interviewed" by hundreds of employers.

But while video resume technology continues to evolve the hiring process, portions remain the same. Job seekers still have to compete with thousands of others also in need of employment. Therefore job seekers need to "knock the socks" off hiring managers during an interview and continue to do so if ultimately hired. Creating a digital video profile and using it to search for a job is a powerful first step.

There is so much bad press about the lack of work ethic and inspiration of "Generation Y". Employers have been advised that these kids lack the desire or focus to bring much value to business. While this might be true in some cases, candidates that take the time to demonstrate they are are not part of this statistic by utilizing technology and taking initiative will be the ones that stand out and get hired first. This same principal applies to all job seekers, regardless of their age. Hiring managers are looking for candidates that stand out, utilize new technology or demonstrate forward thinking. Otherwise you're just a resume in a large pile. Check out TalentRooster.com and get to the front of the hiring line - it just works. Happy Hunting!

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