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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 from TalentRooster

Selling The First Facsimile...

I'm beginning to realize what it must have been like when the first salesperson went out to sell the first fax machine.... People must have been blown away at the concept - it had to shake them to their core - no more need to mail everything? Seriously? I'm sure it took a couple years for people to get it and then fax machines were everywhere - it's hard to believe that they soon will be obsolete.
Getting job seekers and hiring managers to understand that traditional resumes are headed the way of the fax machine is a tough proposition, but an inevitable reality. TalentRooster has already seen proof that a professional video resume will increase a candidates chance for hire by as much as 50%! Plus, once hiring managers see a professional video they will no longer have an interest in paper. It's hard to believe that candidates have been attaching Word documents to email for over 15 years.

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