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Friday, July 16, 2010 from TalentRooster

Personal Branding, Video Resumes - What's Next?

Perusing the blogsphere this morning it occurred to me that generation "Xers" have had to learn more technology, faster than any previous generation! Compounding my frustration is that technology shows no signs of slowing down - it's only going to change faster!! Bloggers continue to stress how important personal branding and video resumes (or "CV's") are becoming. Job candidates that have yet to investigate this technology are putting themselves at a severe disadvantage. So how can this "old dog" continue to learn new tricks? Heck, I never learned how to transfer information from a floppy disk and I'm not entirely clear on iPod technology (don't tell anyone). The point is this - if we want to be considered for an opportunity, we have no choice but to get on the technology bus. You don't have to be in the first or second seat, but get on board! HR and recruiting professionals are very attuned to the evolving technology in this space. If you want to fall to the bottom of their list, send an email with your resume attached as a Word document. Those of us that want to be in the front of the line are taking a hard look at personal branding and video resumes.

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