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Monday, July 26, 2010 from TalentRooster

Risks of Social Media?

I've been reading post after post regarding the power of utilizing social networking sites. If you are not maximizing your exposure via social networking sites, you must be living on a different planet - right? In large part this IS true, with one caveat.....

During my usual morning reading, I came upon this piece, which really made me think further. I wonder how many job seekers realize the potential downside of inappropriate or over exposure? As a search, recruiting professional I can't tell you how many times colleagues have shared "bone head" posts by job seekers! It's as if they don't understand that everyone can view their "work". With video (especially video resumes / video CV's) becoming more pervasive, it is mission critical that job seekers be extra vigilant about what they post. Seeing photos or reading posts is one thing, but a video is an entirely different game. In today's world, people may not read but they sure will watch a video - especially if it's one that offers a good laugh (at the candidates expense). It's an instant world out there - be careful what you post, share or forward - you never know who is watching.

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