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Sunday, June 27, 2010 from TalentRooster

Is Your Resume "Disruptive Technology"???

Over the weekend I played golf with a tech savvy friend. He described TalentRooster as "disruptive technology" that will shatter paradigms and provide a huge advantage for early adopters. I went online to learn more about how this definition applies and found a great article that is worth the read. The best example of disruptive technology I could find was smart phones - think what they are doing to traditional laptops, PC's and cell phones! They continue to evolve at breakneck speed and may make the afforementioned obsolete - who'd of thought that was possible??
If you are still attaching a Word document in an email to represent yourself, you better rethink your plan. Digital video technology is disruptive technology that will forever change the way companies hire and provide job seekers a much better chance for hire!

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