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Friday, November 16, 2012 from TalentRooster

TalentRooster's Approaching 40,000 Video Uploads

As TalentRooster counts down to a major milestone, reaching 40,000 video uploads in just two short years, it’s apparent that our video interviewing technology isn’t just an industry fad. Skeptics ask two questions: ‘Why is video necessary?’ and ‘Why should we choose TalentRooster?’ Honestly, it’s quite simple. Let us explain.

There are three main advantages of video interviewing technology. First off, it’s time savings and who doesn’t need that these days. 80% of the information you need in an interview you can receive in 60 seconds. Who has time for bad interviews? Speaking of bad interviews, with video there aren’t any. If it’s bad, you have the ability to end it whenever you want! Second, 1 out of every 2 interviews is unproductive, which equals a significant waste in interviewing dollars. There are also no traveling or scheduling costs. One more…it’s an easy, streamlined process. Yes, that’s right, we said EASY. It’s a simple approach to managing the inflow of candidates. It’s easy to share, track and forward to hiring managers and there’s no variance.

So now that you are sold on video, let’s get specific. Why TalentRooster? Besides being the leading video interview service in the market, we offer industry expertise and experience in staffing, recruiting and human resources. We know the business and understand the strengths and weaknesses; after all, that’s how TalentRooster was conceived. It’s safe, secure and scalable. Implementation is fast, as in 24-hours fast, and easy, as in four small steps.

Contact us, to see what all the crow is about.

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