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Friday, April 20, 2012 from TalentRooster

Savvy Companies Using Video to Hire College Interns

 With college classes coming to an end and summer around the corner, it's time to start thinking about those summer interns.   With so many students out there wanting experience and knocking at your door to get it, what is your strategy to “thin the herd”?  With unemployment still hovering at elevated levels, internships will be even more competitive and companies will struggle to identify those best qualified.  Here's a powerful idea that can make this laborious process much easier; Video.

College students of today were born in the early 90’s, which means they’ve been exposed to technology since the day they could talk; a smart phone is an assumed accessory and a "landline" has to be explained in detail.  This generation has complete comfort with social media and video – there is no hesitancy for change.  So, why not expedite your hiring process and show potential interns your company is on board with new technology?  Everybody wants to work for companies that “get it”!

Are you specific in what you're looking for?  Are their certain majors that will work better for your business?  Not a problem.  When an intern is applying for your opening, use video and have them answer specific questions that you know are imperative to their success in your company.  Let the computer be your gate keeper and all you have to do is click, watch the video, decide and move on...really, it's that convenient.  Plus, you can view the videos any time and share them with others involved in the decision making process.

With video, you will easily identify a potential intern's communication skills, personality and experience so you can give the official "offer", faster!  

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