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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 from TalentRooster

2012 HR Leadership Strategy - Video Interviews

A new year brings the opportunity for self improvement – not only personally, but professionally as well.  Personally you might join a gym, but no one is really watching  or holding you accountable, so most people will give up after a couple of weeks.  Professionally someone is always watching, which is why change is so critically important.  If you are not continually demonstrating that you bring best practices or new ideas that improve the business, someone else will.  Especially today, when we live in an age of information where change moves at the speed of light.  Seasoned professionals no longer have the luxury of doing a good job – we have to do more every day. 
So what are your plans for 2012?  What are you going to bring to leadership that will make them take notice and appreciate the value you bring?  Ten years ago managers had the courage to fight leadership for a website! Today these same arguments are being made for social media exposure.  As logical as both of these seem, it was a battle!  For 2012, make it your goal  to be the leader pushing to add video to your existing application process.  This is another classic example of an early technology (e.g. websites and social media) that most companies will have in the next couple of years.  Video enables you to see and hear candidates answer questions relevant to your opening, before ever meeting in person.  You already forward appropriate candidates to leadership - now you can include their video as well.  How much time and money will that save? 
There are thousands of companies such as Wal-Mart, Ocean Spray, Abercrombie and Fitch, Starbucks that are already taking advantage of this powerful technology.  Heck, even Santa figured out the potency of video!   Santa Uses Video Technology To Hire Team
Make 2012 the year you bring video technology to your company.  It’s a technology that everyone will be glad you introduced! 

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