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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 from TalentRooster

More Companies Going with Video Resumes

Within the next couple of years, video resume technology will be a part of every company's recruiting process. In five years recruiters will ever wonder how they functioned without video (sort of like my kids trying to imagine life without the internet). Savvy job seekers utilize video technology and companies are taking notice. What is your strategy, both personally and professionally?

We all claim to be open to change - are you? Companies look for candidates that are ahead of the curve and embrace technology. So does company leadership. Nothing makes the boss happier than a cost savings initiative that will help the company operate more efficiently. You have to know that someone is going to introduce this concept soon, shouldn't it be you?

I've heard stories about people resisting computers, the internet and various software. Can you imagine life without that technology? Already we are seeing job seekers utilize video resume technology - there are over 200,000 video resumes on YouTube! There are estimates that 40% of all websites being developed are incorporating video. They figure people won't read, but they'll watch the video!

My point is this - take some time to learn about video resume technology and how it can help your career and your business. TalentRooster.com

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