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Tuesday, November 2, 2010 from TalentRooster

Client Winning Business With Video Resumes

Yesterday we received an unsolicited endorsement of our video resume technology that we had to share - it follows, unedited.

Dear David:

You are genius! We got a new client last week from a constant contact who loved the idea and wanted to see more resumes. Today we filled an human resource position at said client starting at 35K. Tip of the iceberg brother, tip of the iceberg. You are a genius.



We all know that the traditional "paper" resume is heading toward the end of it's life cycle. It had a fantastic run, with history dating back to the Roman empire! What are you waiting for?

Those of us in search, recruiting, staffing and HR are supposed to be in front of hiring trends that others will follow - why then are some of us stuck on dated technology? Change never comes easy, yet everyone (especially the boss) loves a leader - LEAD, before the new hire takes the credit - I'm telling you, video will be a key component of the hiring process - get in front of the trend!

By plugging in (and using) TalentRooster technology will flat out improve your business - it just works. You can't join a gym, never go and expect to see results - you've got to use it! This same principle applies to technology, including TalentRooster. Like the gym, if you use our technology every day your results will be fantastic - if you don't, you won't. We've got plenty of clients eager to share their stories of success.

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