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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 from TalentRooster

Social Media / Video Resumes / Hiring Now

Reviewing my favorite blogs, I found an interesting study that was recently completed. Over 80% of HR / Recruiting professionals utilize social media sites and this trend will only rise. The question now is how to differentiate yourself and ensure you are maximizing your exposure - professionally. We all know that perspective employers will visit your social media sites to learn more about you - far more than could be ascertained from a traditional resume. Recently, TalentRooster hired a salesperson. In the "old days" we would have sourced resumes, brought candidates in, sat through pointless interviews and worked through the process, which would have taken several weeks. For kicks, we decided to utilize our own technology! We quickly identified four candidates via their video resume and personality profile, essentially providing us 75-80% of the information we needed BEFORE sitting through an interview. Even though we were pretty sure we found the right candidate, we brought her in for an interview (I can't imagine companies would ever stop interviewing...) she was perfect and a great additional to our team. Be careful out there - lots of video resume, video CV and personal branding firms that really don't understand (or care) about the hiring / recruiting process - they don't speak the language. Happy hunting!

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